Wymondham High School, Norfolk Feedback

Wymondham High School, Norfolk

Makaton LEVEL ONE feedback summary from staff November 2022:

. Very good training, the best I’ve ever had

. Grant was super friendly, and very helpful

. I enjoyed the course, and would like to do LEVEL TWO

. This was a fun and enjoyable course throughout

. Grant the trainer was great, very upbeat & informative

. Grant made the course an amazing experience

. Brilliant course, amazing content, very funny & made me want to learn more

. I have never had a trainer who has been so good as Grant.

. He made me want to learn more

. Grant was great

. Brilliant course informative & light-hearted

. Grant was a brilliant teacher

. Yes, Grant was great

. Really great course, and enjoyed it very much

. I most enjoyed practicing the signs

. It was a fascinating (course)

. I missed part of the beginning of the course, but Grant stayed on-line after to go

over what I had missed

Wymondham High School