St James Primary School in Surrey

One of the many local primary schools I have worked for over the past 17 years is St James Primary School in Surrey. St James School has been at the forefront of specialising with communication with their children who require augmentive communication to assist them when communicating. St James Primary School engaged my services in order to equip their staff and volunteers with the means to communicate more effectively with their service users.


A selection of comments made by course participants:

The course has given me a useful working knowledge in communicating with some of the children I work with
Enjoyed the games and interaction
Grant was very good: Very clear presentation, spoke well and was a very good teacher
This course has been very beneficial
Thank you so much. What an amazing experience. Our team now feel confident in implementing Makaton in our school
A fantastic, informative course. I have learnt a lot and look forward to implementing the signing
Thank you Grant – a Super teacher!
Excellent course – thank you very much
Perfectly pitched and presented thank you

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