Makaton® Training Routes

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Makaton Training Routes

There is a wide range of workshops depending on the level of training you need, whether you are just starting out, progressing, or need a revision workshop.

Different workshops, are provided to meet different needs. However in all workshops, you will gain knowledge of Makaton, learn signs and symbols up to an appropriate level, and be able to use Makaton at work or at home.

Trainining Route 1 Professionals

Route 1 is for professionals who need to use Makaton in their work, as well as for others who wish a more in-depth training

Makaton Foundation Workshop (4 x Modules)

Makaton Enhancement Workshop (6 x Modules)

Makaton Regional Tutor Training Course (Parts 1&2)

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Trainining Route 2 Parents & Carers

Route 2 is for family members, carers and workers who need to use Makaton at home and in their work.

Makaton Beginner's Workshop(4 x Modules)

Makaton Follow-up Workshop (4 x Modules)

Makaton Local Tutor Training Course (Parts 1&2)

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Signing for Babies

Makaton signing for babies is for parents, family members, carers or members of professional teams who would like to sign with babies and children in their care.

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Taster Sessions

For people who are interested either in finding out about Makaton or with a view to attending a Beginners' or Foundation Workshop at a later date.

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